R05 Exam 22/23 Vol.1 (120 days)


Access duration: 120-day enrolment period

BTS Study Buddy mock exams have a 120-day enrolment period. We recommend that you purchase this product when you are ready to start practicing exam question, in the lead up to your exam sitting. Ideally, your exam sitting should be within 120 days of  purchasing Study Buddy exams, to ensure that you are able to make the most of the time that you have access to each volume that you purchase.

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Key features of the BTS Study Buddy

  • Replicates the CII exam standard as closely as possible
  • Allows you to choose the exams that you sit; either full specimen exams or questions that focus on specific Learning Outcomes
  • Marks the paper for you, so there is no need to cross check with an answer grid
  • Provides feedback on what you got right and wrong, and WHY!

Note: Access is for a 120-day enrolment period.

We always recommend beginning your studies with a BTS Study Guide, before adding in other study resources, such as Study Buddy. To learn more about all of the resources we offer, please visit our main website.